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Did You Know That 85% of Rich People Read Two or More Education / Self-Improvement Books A Month


If you’re here, chances are you…

A. Have BIG dreams and want to become a millionaire

B. Want to transform your life and make an impact


Every leader, every founder, every entrepreneur, and every CEO has done it… And THAT is the very first step into a wealthier, healthier, and happier life. 

Ready to crack the code that will CHANGE your life forever?

  ✔️ You want a nice house for you and your family

✔️ You want to travel the world

✔️ You want to live a life you will remember 

✔️ You want more free, quality time to do what you love and not miss out on life

✔️ You want to give back to those you love and your community

✔️ And you want to build generational wealth that will add value even after you’re gone


Life is short, so the FASTER you start, the more you’ll LIVE. 




With today’s technology and market opportunities that doesn’t mean you need a degree or a PhD. Education in general is the best way to grow and evolve. ESPECIALLY non-traditional education… 

But why? 


When you learn FROM the best, richest, happiest, and healthiest entrepreneurs, business owners and those who walked the road less walked and impacted the lives of millions: 


ALL you need to build is a solid mindset and healthy body to set up a business and build any type of wealth, from passive income to generational wealth, to aggressive and safe wealth generation. 

 What if you could read all the books containing all the secrets to TRANSFORM your life, make you a millionaire, and become your own CEO?

There’s no better investment than investing in yourself, especially in your education


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We want to help as many people as possible learn all they need to know to build their own business, improve their health and relationships, and build a resilient growth mindset that will transform their lives… 

Get instant access to the Alexandria library of business, health, and wealth; unlock a wide variety of books that will teach you a step-by-step process to start, launch, boost, and expand your own business, invest and make money online while impacting the world (and your health) positively. 


Make You A Millionaire is a Wealth & Health Club. We selectcurate, and deliver the best personal development and business so you can learn and grow as an individual and a business owner to expand your business for generations to come.


We have hand-picked titles from some of the best authors in their industry at crazy-affordable prices. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get started in your business, this is it!


As an entrepreneur at heart, I wear many hats: business owner, founder, and even reader because… All leaders are readers. 


I’m fortunate enough to have had this in me since I was a child. My father used to work countless hours for a freight company. My dad was a true example of what hard work really looks like. But, he wasn’t working for his own dream, but rather someone else’s.


Until one day, everything changed his perspective after his co-worker asked him: “Why are you working so hard? No matter how fast you work, when you die, those trucks will keep backing up to those docks. So, slow down.”

Not long after this eye-opening statement, he made the best decision of his life: To never work for someone else’s dreams instead of building his. YET, his best decision was also the BRAVEST. Back then, being your boss was not the norm – job security was! 


But, fortune favors the bold! So from that day on, he never looked back, and eventually, became a rich and successful entrepreneur owning several businesses, tons of properties, cars, and living the life he KNEW he deserved and was capable of creating for his family. 


I learned from a very young age that I didn’t need school or a 9-5 to build a successful career and a happy life. My dad taught me I could do it all myself, and so I did. 


Now, my mission is to continue his work and teach others how to build their dream life because we are the creators of our lives, our knowledge crafts our reality. And the more we know, the more we grow.


So, if you want to live a wealthier, healthier, and happier life, learn from the best, whether that’s business, investments, finances, personal growth, or health and fitness it’s time to…