Why Having A Business Degree Is Actually Bad For Business

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This week we posted a quote on our Instagram (@MillionaireWealthClub) with the following quote: ‘Having a business degree, doesn’t make you a businessman.’ This post was statistically very well received, but with almost every controversial post/quote, it triggered some emotional people. Today we discuss why a piece of paper isn’t equal to success. Realize that everything I’m writing here, is coming from someone who has an actual university degree. I’ve studied and completed my study in physical therapy back in 2015. Yes I know, something totally different that an MBA. For now, keep on reading…

In our society, there is a lot of value placed upon having a degree. It is something our parents brag about to other parents during a visit. ‘My son studies such and such’, ‘my son is a doctor’, ‘my son is an engineer’. The amount of times I heard that last one (I’m Middle-Eastern) would almost make me believe that 97% of the youth between 18-24 is either an engineer, or one in the making.

Having a degree isn’t something we question. It is just ‘the right thing’ to do after finishing your highschool. You never question your education. Because school is suppose to be above anything else. Above sports, woman, partying and having fun. For the average dedicated joe that is. But…like one of my favorite entrepreneurs Gary Vee said, school is failing entrepreneurs everyday. And here’s why.

The whole system and concept of school isn’t built for entrepreneurship. It’s build for workers. You’re being taught to play within the lines. There’s nothing being taught that maps the entrepreneurial market.

To quote Gary:

In a world of private schools, in a world of mommy and daddy having a lot of connections, when you go from 12, 15, 18 years of that ecosystem and you go into a market and you create an app. The market doesn’t give a crap who your dad is. The market responds to your product and a lot of these kids have not been able to take the punch in the mouth that comes along with entrepreneurship.

Even When I Have A Busines Degree?

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Yes, and here’s why. I know tons of very wealthy people without any sort of degree, and even more far less wealthy people with master & phd degrees. If you want to become good at something, you should do that thing.

I’m going to use a fitness metaphor here. It’s like people who want to learn their first pull-up. Some personal trainers would advice them to do pulldowns, rows and other machinery to eventually build up the strength to do a pull-up.

I find that that’s some bullshit advice. If you wan’t to become good at something, you should do that damn thing. People who study business and are good at it. Are good at exactly that: studying business (and not at doing it). And having a business degree makes you think that you know it all. But like the old chinese saying goes:

You can’t fill a cup that is full.

What They Don’t Teach You In Business Schools

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There’s so much about entrepreneurship that is not taught in class. Things like:

  • Hiring;
  • Firing;
  • Networking;
  • Growth Hacking;
  • Content marketing;
  • Communication skills;
  • The power of social media on your business;
  • Influencer’s marketing (it’s up to 9x times more effective than traditional billboard/banner ads);
  • Trust;
  • Patience;
  • Being able to take a punch in the mouth (very important);
  • And many other stuff.

Why Do We Want To Be Entrepreneurs Anyway?

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  • We want to be our own boss;
  • We want to travel;
  • Meet awesome people;
  • Get laid (you know it’s true)
  • Generate several passive incomes;
  • But most important: FREEDOM!!

We want freedom. Money equals freedom to us. And in order to make a lot of limitless money, is to start your own business. Aslong as you work for a company, there will always (AND I MEAN ALWAYS!) be a limit to how much you can actually make. When you have your own company, there is no limit to the amount of leads, sales, commission or royalty you can get. It all depends on you and your drive.

There are plenty of ways to make money online. Some of these are: selling supplements , affiliate marketing, dropshipping (see ‘How I Earned $1000+ Online In My First 28 Days As A Beginner With Dropshipping.‘), selling t-shirts, blogging, daytrading and many other ways. We’ll discuss these ways and how to set them up in the near future.

For now, just stop feeling bad (if you did) for not having a business degree. It is not a requirement for financial success.


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