3 Reasons Why Having Rich Parents Is Actually A Big Disadvantage In Business & Life

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There comes a point in life where we’re faced with the famous saying ‘Life is not fair.’ It’s usually in contexts where the difference between rich and middle-classed/poor comes to expression. This is were a lot of people think that other individuals, that were born within a wealthy family with rich parents have it easier. They think it’s the case in terms of getting a job (wealthy parents have more connections), studying (they’ll be more inclined to pay for their tuition fees) and many other things. On a micro-level it seems that this is the better position to be in. On a bigger macro-level however, the lesser wealthy immigrant/minority is more in the advantage in terms of getting success. Here’s why…Read On.

1 – Children Of Rich Parents Are Usually More Entitled

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I’ve seen it and you’ve probably seen it to. It’s something that happens naturally. If you’ve had an easy road all your life all because of you last name, untill you head into the corporate/business world (21+), it’s hard not to be entitled.

2 – They’re Usually Lazy

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They’ve been breastfed all their opportunites, while the lesser wealthy amoung us had to learn to work hard in life. And we all know that hard work (in combination with smart work ofcourse) is the key ingredient for success. Lack of this characteristic makes it very hard to succeed in life.

3 – They Are Less Hungry For Success

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This is a big important one. Have you ever wondered why in hiphop, the first album of the best rappers are usually their best? It’s because they are the hungriest at that certain moment. It’s hard to be hungry if your belly is full. The same applies to rich children. When you grow up in a rich environment, you don’t know any better. You don’t know how it feels to constant be aware of your bank account, trying to not overspend things, or feel the pain of being broke.

This hunger allows the poor people among us reach to great heights. Hence why a lot of millionaires & billionaires came out of extreme poverty. Like the rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson said:

‘There’s something about being from the bottom, that makes you wanna climb the top.’

So next time when you see the instagram pictures from your rich (girl)friend with her family on a nice vacation, just remember…The one with a higher chance of succeeding in life is you!

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